Excel popup issue on opening csv file with extension xls

I am currently working on some files with csv data in a xls file, and Excel popup an alert everytime it tries to open it.

“The file you are trying to open, ‘[filename]’, is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?”

Clicking Yes simply open the file, and No to quit.

This annoying popup is “stealing” focus of windows and gives me problem on my scripts.

A bit of searching comes with a Registy edit to suppress this popup.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This works with Office 2010 and it solved my problem, kind of…

MSDN Excel 2007 Extension Warning On Opening Excel Workbook from a Web Site: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vsofficedeveloper/archive/2008/03/11/excel-2007-extension-warning.aspx

Congratulations to F and T

Really really happy for you two!

N9005 Note3 LTE 4G not enabled.

I have gone AOSP on the device recently, tho too busy to do much tweak, suddenly found that LTE was not enabled and it is not available on settings…(only 3G and 2G on prefered network)

A bit of Googling helps.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* and select LTE, then turn off Radio, reenable Radio and it is back with LTE, sweet.


Weblog was down

I was using Google Pagespeed and never notice it stop working, and site was down…

Nope, I didn’t abandon my weblog, just less updated…


Congratulations to L & I

I am so very very happy for you two.

Congratulation to TY and D

All the best for you two, wish I were there!

Downloading youtube video by CLI in Ubuntu

群星-《寶記正傳Part 1》MV

I came across this song the other day in a local pub with old buddies, so I did a youtube search and turns out it was in youtube, like it so much I think it can go to my video list on my new Nexus 7 FHD.

There are lots of tools to download youtube video, but don’t we just love CLI?

youtube-dl is the tools.

> sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
you will need to make sure it is in the latest version,
> sudo youtube-dl –update

and download with:
> ~/youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGYXp563FKM
[youtube] Setting language
[youtube] wGYXp563FKM: Downloading video webpage
[youtube] wGYXp563FKM: Downloading video info webpage
[youtube] wGYXp563FKM: Extracting video information
[download] Destination: 群星-《寶記正傳Part 1》MV-wGYXp563FKM.mp4
[download] 100.0% of 149.55MiB at 309.02KiB/s ETA 00:00

I am now enjoying it on my devices!

SPFS.Context menu in Explorer right click menu.

I am very picking when it comes to my right-click options.

I suddenly notice this “SPFS.Context menu” appears in my right-click options, quick googleing appears that is a leftover for SkyDrive Pro Microsoft Office 2013 preview.

A quick Regedit fixes the problem.

Microsoft Community – what is SPFS. ContextMenu?

Customer services, it is very important.

Currently I felt upset about many customer services from different aspect of life, I felt that they are so below standard.

I was ordereding a Raspiberry Pi camera modules from element14, and the experience was bad, I promise myself NOT to order from them anymore.

I tried to use my previous account to login to their site with no luck (which I am so sure the login and password is correct), tried to reset password, no luck, trying to contact them by every means but result in being kick towards different department like a ball; live chat, emails, made a phone call to their CS line, the female (I do not want to use the word lady) offer no help, and not only no help is given, the tone and wording she uses was rather negative and uncomfortable to hear, I created another account try to order, and wasted 2 working day to receive a email from them saying I have to provide them a business register to make an order, a few email thru and they gave me no explanation nor help on the order.

I was upset about their service, told them to cancel my order and remove my account, and they replied something like email their another department if they can do so…

What I did was emailing them back the privacy ordinance of Hong Kong to make them remove my account.

Wasted me 2 working days on an order, another 3 to remove my personal info just because they refuse to help.

Not that related by I think that goes to the same story, I went to family dinner with family tonight, we ordered a dish which was suppose to serve with red vinegar, we asked the staff nicely can we please have that, her response was so bad and negative, which she claims she don’t know what was that, and no one told her that blah blah blah and so on, we ask another “seems higher rank” staff to help, and she order that female to bring it in, on the way of serve she keeps on nagging all the way say she don’t know things about it….

It happens quite a few times recently in my daily life.

My personal view are:

1. Customer support are bad now in Hong Kong.

2. When dealing with a customer, do not say you don’t know something, you were suppose to know; if you don’t, ask someone who does! no one cares what are your internal policy or company structure, we paid for the service, not doing your job.

3. It is hard to attract customer to your retail, it is such a great lost if a customer is buying your goods/service and the front-end blow it off, it is even worst than not having a customer came in.

4. Good CS needs training, staff do not come into the position and ready to rock and roll, and bad CS hurt your business, fired them as you should.

5. As a front-end staff, please try your nagging BEHIND customers, it won’t help what have been done, and it won’t help what you need to do, and it gets worst.

Google Chrome Web Store – Developer Dashboard upload error.

chrome webstore upload err

I was trying to upload a Chrome Extension for my work, and I encounter this problem the whole morning, trying to get help but cannot find much, from the error of upload? url I was thinking it was related to server error…

A few refresh even lead me to error pages like:
chrome webstore down
chrome webstore err

Took me a very long time to look for solution, it turns out the problem was in the zipped archive there was a hidden Thumb.db inside and this is the reason why the upload was not successfully.

A bit of a nagging to Google, please AT LEAST provide some kind of error message instead of a loading forever screen, and some (failed) error in developer console.