That’s the only way for me to buy some peace……

Casting media from terminal to Chromecast.

I would like to setup a cronjob to play RTHK hourly news to my Google Home in the morning, there are many many ways of doing this but here is a simple one.

I already had cronjob running to fetch current RTHK hourly news to a local archive as mp3 file from

By using node-castv2-client, task done in no time.

$ sudo npm install -g castv2-client

The sample code uses mdns to discover all Chromecast device, I am having issue install mdns for unknown reason, but well I already know my IP address of the Google Home anyway, so I comment the discovery part out, hard coded my Google Home IP address, change the URLs or media, title and cover image, then fire up the js file and it is done.

GitHub – A Chromecast client based on the new (CASTV2) protocol

Almost that time of the year….

It has been a tough year for family, for me…

things are going downhill like many marbles rolling down a slope, I am very very tired, sad and frustrated..

Recently, I think of many person I met in my life, to be honest I haven’t seen them for so long, some like 2x years, tho their faces are still as fresh as the day I knew them (of coz, they should have grow old by age, but well, isn’t it a good thing they live young in my mind?)

I notice my memory of the pass days are fading, well, I get old, people all do….. so well, I would like to take the chance to write it down, before I totally forgotten to…

To the people I recently think of, no special reason, and not in order of appearance…
MY, MW, MYW, ML, SC, RC, ES, HW, FK, etc etc….

I know you guys are somewhere doing well, with happiness and joy, we came on a crossroad in our lives, I never did told you guys, thanks, I had a great time, I really did.

All the best bro M!

I know you can do it, finger cross, good luck!

Congratulations to CP and HY!

I really really am happy to hear such a good news, I can’t express my happiness for you two, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congratulations Cousin Marc’s family.

Congratulations cousin, welcome Connor to the family!!!

Really really happy for you!!!

Is just so nice to catch up with mates!

Thanks mates CP for catching up, is so great to catch up with you, really happy to see you doing better and better!

No I havn’t abandon my blog, no really.

It has been a tough few months here, work, life, what is happening….

I actually wasn’t as active as I used to online, nor twitter nor Google Plus, too much to worry, too much to do, too less time.

Anyway I will now focusing back on my blog, posting many “in the drafts” post, especially technical post about hacks, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects I did.

Stay tune.

Is a sad day, real sad day.


This is NOT something I would see police do to peaceful protesters, no, it isn’t.

Print Spool service has stop and printer stop working

Print Spool

I came across this problem on at work today.

Printer gone missing and first thing I checked was print spool service and I notice it has been off in service.smc, try re-enable it and it stop itself after a little while…

Turns out there is a cache problem on the spool printer files issue.

Removing files in C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\*, restarting “Print Spooler” service solved the problem.