Getting Twitter output to work with node-red

Recently I was redo-ing some older code with feed RSS to Twitter, decided to go for node-red since it is simple and I have a node-red setup in the Google Cloud Compute Engine.

I couldn’t get the Twitter output to work, the AUTH part in the UI always complaining error 401, the node-red-node-twitter module tries to do a callback AUTH and it fails.

Digging more seems Twitter has discontinue the on the site callback oAUTH method recently.

Notice the module that was installed with the node-red was very very old (0.1.1) and there seems to be some recently update (because of the change), so I update that module to the latest version and it solve my issue.

By going into /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red, editing the config.json and change the dependency from 0.1.* to 1.*, sudo npm update node-red-node-twitter updated the module as expected.

You will also need the consumer key and access token key pair for the AUTH UI in node-red, you can generate them in

After installing node-red-node-twitter@1.0.1, I am given input field to put in my consumer key, secret and access token, secret and I am able to use the Twitter output.

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