TV Streaming and playback on Raspberry Pi

Follow by previous post on the MPEG2 license MPEG2 hardware decode license for Raspberry Pi., I get my hands busy putting things together to make use of the Pi.

The above screenshot is about streaming local TV signal in H.K. from Pi to network.

A bit of explanation:


  • Raspberry Pi version B running on 900MHz
  • A USB 2.0 Hub with external power supply.
  • MyGica D689 USB DVB-TH TV Tuner


  • mumudvb for streaming TV signal to the network
  • omxplayer for local playback
  • vlc on win32 for playback on PC (remote)

With the new MPEG2 License, playback on RPi with omxplayer is takes about 23% CPU,
mumudvb streaming to 2 IP unicast with different TV channel takes about 33% CPU,

With the new MPEG2 hardware decode license, it plays back at 100% frame rate on the Pi (was like 3fps only without the license)

P.S: I am having sound issues on my Pi due to some other reasons, didn’t spend the time on fixing it yet, so now local playback at mute, but I am sure I can iron it out next (should related to some ALSA drivers issues)

Good one there Team Raspberry Pi, such a nice computer to have and play with, thanks!