MPEG2 hardware decode license for Raspberry Pi.

It is just great for developers / manufacturers to listen to how the user thinks and use their products.

A Few word from the officials

If you’ve been following this website since we launched it last summer, you’ll probably be aware that we had to make some hard decisions about exactly what we could include on the Raspberry Pi if we were to meet our extremely low target price. One of the things that we had to regretfully dismiss as an option was an MPEG-2 decode licence for every unit. Providing that licence would have raised the price of every Raspberry Pi by roughly 10%, and we simply weren’t able to justify that when we held it up against the educational goals of the Foundation. Our initial expectation was that most of you would buy the Raspberry Pi for educational purposes, and that you wouldn’t mind that MPEG-2 wasn’t available. Our bad.

At GBP2.4 (only USD3.8, or HKD30), now our beloved RaspberryPi can enjoy full hardware decode with MPEG2 support, which is very important for my usage in DVB TV solutions!

New video features! MPEG-2 and VC-1 decode, H.264 encode, CEC support –

Place your order now to show support! I ordered mine~~~

MPEG-2 license key

1525: Order placed, confirmation received.
1712: License Key received.

That is quick!

Seems I will need to upgrade firmware of GPU / recompile my custom kernel for the new MPEG2 decode to work (at least August 8th or newer releases based on post #1883) and I am a bit busy to do so, I shall leave it for the mean time till I am a bit more free to do so…
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