5 things you should do when you want some computer help.

1. Get needed information ready, please get what is needed ready, you do that when you go to bank, you do that when you want something done, you do that when you seek any help, you should learn this since primary schools; no one would stand/stay next to you/over the line while you take your 15 mins to find what is your domain, or what is your login.

2. Listen first, do not jump into it when someone is trying to help, example: I used to do it NOT the way you told me, I used to do it by XYZ, you are trying to get help, not arguing what you used to do, and no one cares how you did it at your own way, if it works, you wouldn’t be seeking for help.

3. Think before asking, please use your own brain, eyes before ask, chimpanzee learn from using their brain, you should too, when instructions were told, try follow, if you do not see the option on the screen, try read carefully, use CTRL+F on a page or do a simple thinking.

4. Response with correct information, answer honest, with basic intelligent, instead of simple “I don’t know/I don’t see that/what should I do”, computers don’t read your mind, neither does the person who is trying to help you, incorrect/lack of/misleading information given will not help anything.

5. Search before you ask, please search help before you ask, answer are out there, please use search engine, type what you ask for and read, most problem shall be solve before you even finish explaining your question.