Very upset about things…

Recently, I am very upset about life, work, personal.

1. Phone was stolen by some a**hole, I have been clubbing with mates for more than 10+ years, I have never got my properties stolen, and especially not by someone on the same table, the whole pub was empty other than our table, that a**hole, friend of a friend said he would want to go first for another disco and few mins later I found that my phone missing, Google Latitude point my phone to where he was heading and STOPs where he was! me and mateB rush there on a cab, ask him to give me back my phone, then he started to change his face, swear to me all the way saying: “Do you have that tapped on a F**king video? you cannot prove is me! I am gonna smash you for that…” wasted almost an hour with policemen, long story short, well of coz, no luck…

Conclusion: he lied, he did took my phone, I tell ya a**hole, no one mess with utp, may you burn in hell forever and ever, I mean that, my curse do works!

2. Drainage blockage, the toilet was not flushing very smoothly, before it went into a serious problem I stop using it, call the landlord about the issue, the lady told me since their “management company” hired a handyman, Mr.L to handle all issues from tenant, since “I am the customer” were she is “just a worker”, if I make the call it would speed things up, ok, not that convincing but I will make the call, he said since he is “busy”, so if I can pay some extra money and he can find someone to help “faster”, following by 10 mins of nagging about how “management company” rip him off with very low pay…(well why would that be my problem?) anyway, since I needed to get things fix, I have to agree on this, he said “the other handyman” would cost HK$300 and is going to come 5 hours later, Mr.C came 30 mins later than his promise, spend 5 mins and come up with a conclusion that: “Someone throw a hard object into the toilet, it is NOT fixable, the ONLY solution is to REMOVE the whole seat and replace it, it would cost extra HK$1000″…. Well yeah, I am sure I did not do that, and I am the only one who uses it…not convincing I was so I told Mr.C I might consider that, would call him back if I need that “service”..Googling a bit on terms “How to unblock Drainage?” took me 2 hours but I got that solved out myself.

Conclusion: he lied, just because he wants to rip me off or he was way too lazy and unprofessional on his job.

3. Same old customer related saga at work, customer M called in, say one of their server was having problem on outgoing email to hotmail server, I asked him nicely did they spam on that IP, he confirms NO.
Took me 30 mins to dig up all support REF, our staff DID told him that one of the account in the server was spamming hotmail, he know that since staff did talk to him over the issue, and even offer help toward the case, so I call M up and told him that I am very upset on he was not telling me the truth, if he did simply told me that some staff was handling his case, I wouldn’t need to wasted all time and workload on finding a problem that was already found.

Conclusion: he lied, and I recall this is not the first time this customer is being not honest.

On case 1, mate CC’s comment on that was: “How old are we? don’t these things only happens to teenagers?”, that really wakens and lighten me, I really should starts changing myself.
On case 2 and 3, which not only happens on these issues, but happens EVERYDAY in my daily life…

I just don’t understand, this place is just full of lies and losers all over the place, look at those cases and look at the news, how do people “live” with it?
I have no answers to the questions, all I would currently do is, I will now spend more time myself, for my family and work, these losers really “degrading” my personal happiness…

Had a nice chat with brother L the other night, heard that he is planing to go back to NZ in a short period, good on you mate, I think it is a good choice.