Backupmania…the urge of backups…..

I am currently being a bit of a urge over backups, thinks it is a good time to start doing more backups myself.

Currently, I had my own backup solutions by bits and bytes, example:
Mail – I setup my own mail server at base to do pulling ALL IMAP/POP account I had, off site backup on the mbox time by time.
Invoices – they are all in PDFs, update ones were synced by dropbox, older ones offsite archived.
MSN – message log are all exported to XML, offsite archived.
SMS – XML backup by Android App.
Calllog – XML backup by Android App.
Phone Calls – important ones are logged to .amr/.mp4, offsite archive time to time.
GoogleReader Stared – developed my own PERL script to back them up in HTML with a index file.
GoogleEarth – profile XML were synced across dropbox/SFTP, don’t want to miss this one, it contain most of the places/logs I being in the last few years.
Photos – don’t really backup at all, older photos are archived in older HDD when my routine upgrade (one/year), newer photos from S95 and mobile sync across dropbox.
Code, Personal – fun little code I dev for my own use were backup/sync var dropbox/SFTP
Code, Work – sync across 3 sets of computer, SFTP.

I would love to do more backups, example:
Twitter – my different twitter accounts, since I already did OAuth code on the other project, I think I can do my own backup code.
Google Chrome Bookmark – I really shouldn’t trust the cloud that much….
Google Contacts/Calendar – Hum…….did I even ever back that up??

I think I really really should spend some time on this….
but anyway, why the urge??? hum………