DVBViewer – current temporary workaround.

Since I do not/cannot use the recording service (I do not have the time to work on fixes for it), I will have to keep DVBViewer on all time for the build-in Timer function to work, this raises a few problems.

1/. EPG does not update itself, I found that EPG would not update if main program stay on all time, I have no idea why but this is how it works on my system. A bit of search lead me to “yet another plug-in” which will update EPG automatically, but “yet another plug-in” that I do not know is it up-to-date, and all documentations are “yet another in non-English”, fine, by setting up a batch file that runs every 0600, I had it kill any task of DVBViewer.exe, wait 10 seconds and re-launch it, this fixes the EPG update issue.

2/. Still having problem on unreliable Timer function on recordings, no recording seems executed by the Timer, misses all recording during whole weekends, hope the above kill+relaunch solve the problem, lets see.

3/. Still having problem on DVBViewer timer fires, but cannot get any DVB signal, resulting in failure on the recording, I think this must be related to hardware/drivers issue, no solution yet, but since the above kill+relaunch, things “seems” getting better.

4/. Changed recording filename to NOT containing any Chinese Chars by removing %event% in recording option, not what I would like since it is very hard to keep record of what was recorded (The log and extra log were also having problem on Chinese show name, I can be sure it is DVBV encode problem), but hope to see less problem, it is the way it is.

That’s it for now, at least I see some recordings..