Update 2010 Nov…

I really should re-arrange my life, currently I felt worked out by life, like dragging towards “don’t know where” by truck or so, chasing deadlines and target day by day….

And honest I don’t seems to be able to get my personal life to get alone..

– Washing “has to be done” and “to the laundry shop” in behind 4~5 days, resulting in “lack of clean clothing”.
– Pick-up laundry was delayed in 3~4 days (can only pick up < 1930 near base), resulting in complains from the laundry lady. - Normal grocery shipping was way behind, the worst case was running low and out of toothpaste and toilet roll for 3 days. - To be developed great idea all delayed to "time unknown", bug fixes that were plan was way behind.. - I was noticed by quite a few friends/mates/family member that I over used the word "Sir/Mam" in conversations resulting from "over customer support handle". - Misses a couple out-going with R, either I was way too tired, or time does not match. Routine is: Mon to Fri - Wake up > Rush to work > Phone calls > Phone calls > Phone calls > Phone calls > 19:00 > Start coding > coding > coding > 2300 Going home > Bath > Some news reading > Sleep > Return.
Sat – Rush to wake up > lunch with R > spend time with R > Some news reading > Sleep
Sun – Sleep > Sleep > Sleep > 1600 Lunch > News Reading + House Keeping > Sleep

Well from the good point of views, at least I am still alive, shouldn’t complain too much…