Samsung Galaxy Tab on hand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

App Drawer

Top 3.5mm Audio jack

Bottom Sync Port

Top Front – Camera and Light Sensor

Left – TF Card and SIM card slot

Back Cover

Here are some basic technical info of the Tab:

Device Info
Device GT-P1000
Model GT-P1000
Product GT-P1000
Brand samsung
Release 2.2
Locale zh_HK

System Version
Linux version (root@sep-53) (gcc version 4.4.1 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q3-67) ) #1 Thu Nov 4 19:18:31 KST 2010

Basic Info
SD card storage Total: 12.66GB, Free: 12.59GB
A2SD storage Total: 1.87GB, Free: 1.79GB
Internal storage Total: 1.87GB, Free: 1.79GB
System storage Total: 319MB, Free: 4.48MB
System cache Total: 30.07MB, Free: 15.92MB
Memory Total: 444MB, Free: 168MB, Idle: 22.83MB
Processor ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l) 800.0MHz
Network address ***MASKED***

Scaling CPU frequency:800000

Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 796.20
Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x2
CPU part : 0xc08
CPU revision : 2
Hardware : GT-P1000
Revision : 0012

Honest, I think it can get better, the overall operating speed was not that “fast” given that this as a “flagship” product.

My feeling is the OS can do more fine tune, we should give it sometime there,
but IMHO, for the price, usage, I will go for an iPad (even I am very not happy with iTunes and the “Open-ness” of iOS)

Working right now, post more later.