Apple TV 2G Jailbreaked – my log.

Took me 1 full day getting OSX 10.6 on MacMini (was on 10.4), and another 2 hours to get the Jailbreak working with PwnageTool…

But finally, yes we are in!

Here are some hints on the process..

1/. You DO NOT need power cable on ATV2G, only microUSB cable is needed, unplug the power cord.
2/. You will need the ATV2G remote to go into DFU mode, get it ready.
3/. Normal overall process is about 15mins.
4/. Follow the on screen instruction on PwnageTool to get into DFU mode, you may want to bring up log to see what is happening.
5/. The default password after Jailbreak is: alpine, change it please after you ssh in using passwd.
6/. I encounter many error 1602, thats why it took me 2 hours, it may related to I did not reboot after new install of iTune10.

Ok, I will start my hacks next.

– Get most command line apps I want to use installed by apt-get, found some interesting things on the FS…lets see how it turns out…
– A list of some useful links for ATV2G hacking.

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