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I am so much worked out this month, completely drained out..

But there is always good thing to enjoy in life..

1/. Spend 45 mins on finding why a very simple SQL query does not work, it turns out I uses a incorrect configuration file which was pointed to the old SQL table…

2/. Spend 45 mins on a simple CSS define, which turn out to be UTF8 issue..

3/. Attended Google DevFest 2010, thanks Google, event was great, code was good, food was great too, oh yes I love my DevFest T-shirt!

4/. Changed layout in base, now room felt much better.

5/. Gadgets buying as usual, obtained: Apple Magic Trackpad, Sony PS3 camera, AppleTV.

6/. Very busy on work, but I am glad that I do found enjoyment and happiness in them.

7/. Built base system II with recycling parts from work, done streaming system setup from junks.

8/. Thanks God I am still alive, what a surprise.

I am sure I misses quite alot of other things, add them when I do remember them..