iPad now in reload…

There seems to be many funny glitches on my Jailbreaked iPad (OS 3.2)…

A process goes by mediaserve is taking up CPU cycle and battery do run out faster than it was.
I am not able to use Bluetooth Audio with WiFi on (it auto disconnected my BT Audio device on Audio playback in iPod App, which I think might be related to BTStack I installed earlier for Wiimote, altho I uninstalled it but Bluetooth still seems acting funny..)
I do notice a bit of slowness to the system, which I think it might be related to the mediaserve process issue.

Googled for a while and only found very few info about this mediaserve process, everyone of the site comes with no solution but erase; and cannot find any info about the bluetooth audio issue..

Ok, Factory reset it is.
(Backup took almost 3 hours by SSH, well well…)