A bit of advise, to another web developer/designer

Last Sunday, me and R went to Lamma Island for a nice weekend holiday..

While I am on the way to the pier, I was trying to get the timetable of the ferry from Central to Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, after a quick Google search I got some link and the official website of the ferry company….

Most of the links from the results return a 404 error and seems the official site has changed their site layout.. (I find that they changed the layout on Dec 2009, they mention it on their page)

So I go to the official site then….

Instead of a simple welcome page all I got was a big Flash missing icon shown on the Webkit base browser, there is no skip nor other ways of getting into their page….(There is a Skip button, but the button is INSIDE the Flash, well..)

For all Flash content developer out there:
At least add a text hyperlink on your site for user to skip the “So very nice animation(s)” you made, you just cannot expect everyone to go thru your Flash movie before getting to the content!

And the other thing is: As an official website, redirect your old pages is always a good idea, at least a better 404 page redirecting users to main page instead of ugly default Apache error page, please you get paid for your work, don’t be so lazy!

P.S: Oh yes, please DO NOT make everything a PDF, you can add a link for user who wants to download it, but NOT the only way to get the info, why 56KB of PDF instead of 2K HTML?

Just my 2 cents!

– HKKF official site
– HKKF official site – Main page