MOTO Milstone HK update 2.0.1 Released

We have lots of speed up here on the milestone..

The update 2.0.1 which report speed up, camera focus bug fix and better battery performance has been released by Motorola.

What’s noticed after the updated:
– Camera loose focus 29 days bug fixed.
– Response seems smoother on App switch and scrolling.
– Icon of Music app has changed, and bug fix to cover image corrupt bug has been fixed.
– Lock screen changed (Minor)
– Added Setting as “Audio Effects” for tweak settings with wired headphone and build-in speakers.
– Battery life extend ion has to be tested.

Please keep in mind if you want root, please wait, this is an officials update which will keep your milestone to “unroot” until hack is found.

And good thing here is no master reset has to be done on the update, means you do not need to reinstall everything AGAIN, seems 0.1 version is a bug fix minor update there.

Update has to be done on PC side, not OTA, link at:
Motorola – Motorola_Software_Update.exe (17.8 MB)
Click click click as screen prompt will do.

There are reports that device purchase after Jan 2010 cannot update, since the update software check IMEI number and seems some of the IMEI are not in the upgrade list there, my device was purchased on 27 Dec 2009 OP Free from Citilink Mobile store, and I do not have problem on the upgrade.

Upgrade without problem, the only catch is I loose root, well I can wait on that with the promise speed improve and CAM bug fix.

The following are the screen shots.
P.S: My system locate was set to HK does not means that I want Chinese UI, I really think programmer should let me choose.
P.P.S: Upgrade was smooth and took about 20 mins, good good.
P.P.P.S: Tested for about 30 mins during lunch break, it sure is smoother than 2.0, updated bug fix section above.

EULA, agree, what option do I have here?

Checking update software..

Update found, click to start update.

Update in progress, it also notice while upgrade user will not be able to pick up calls and use the phone.


Motorola – MOTO Support – Chinese