Yeah, the tool chain is just great, took only like 3 mins to do the root.

1/: Download the file (30MB mediafire)
2/: place the file to root of sdcard
3/: boot the phone in recovery mode, first switch off the phone, power on by holding Camera AND Power Button, Hold until you see a screen of a ! with phone icon.
4/: Release Cam AND Vol button, now tricky part, try press Volume + button and Cam button together (tricky to do, as it must be press at a same time, you can take your time to try until it works), a Recovery Menu will be shown.
5/: Using Keyboard Up Dn to select, and center to confirm update, it should take like a minute or less, after that it will shown done.
6/: Reboot your phone by select reboot in recovery menu, done done.

For the one who have no idea why root, please see Wiki Android – Why Root.

Now we are waiting cooked ROM for 2.0.1 and 2.1…

Special thanks and credits to hacker NATRON and the others!

Android-Hilfe – rootet Milestone
Engadget – Milestone ROOTed
Modaco – We have root..