My Installation Log on Windows 7 Pre-beta build 6801 on fujitsu U2010

As of my target is my Fujitsu U2010, a few points has to be taken care of:
1/. Limited RAM (1GB only)
2/. I changed my 1.8 inch slow slow HDD to a Sandisk 8GB Extreme IV CF, so 8GB is the limit, Windows 7 Ultimate Build 6801 needs 10GB by default.

After a bit of searching, found that vLite does works with the ISO, so I removed some unneeded support, services and applications for U2010, and keep installation below 7.8GB.

00:00 Start booting with DVDROM
00:01 Windows7 Loading bar loading……
00:01 7~8 bars of loading, now in Windows7 installation loading screen.
00:03 Installation Language selection screen (My selection English, HKSAR and Chinese US Keyboard.)
00:04 Starts installation
00:05 Finish File copying, expanding starts
00:08 Expanding in progress (50%)
00:11 Finish Expanding, starts Installing feature.
00:11 Finish Installing feature., starts Installing updates
00:11 Finish Installing updates, Reboot.
00:12 Rebooting, Starting Windows
00:13 Setup is starting services and installing.
00:27 Display flashes, suggesting Windows is installing Display related settings, DVDROM starts reading again.
00:28 Installation complete
00:28 Reboot.
00:29 GFX is messed up in first boot, screen shows Setup is checking video performance.
00:30 Setup user account.
00:31 Setup is done.

Post-OS installation:
– First, as GFX is messed up, install display drivers first, my choice is GMA500 Vista 2.2 releases from Intel, the installer do not allow installation as it detects Windows7 as unknow OS, go device manager, select Standard VGA drivers and go update, and point to the unzipped DIR and let it search thur.
– Reboot after the Video drivers installation.
– After reboot, GFX looks good.
– Installing drivers from Fujitsu.
– Install ALPSStickPoint, Reboot.
– Install ButtonDriver, ButtonUtility, SystemExtensionUtility, DisplayManager, HotkeyUtility, Fingerprint.
– Just in case, go Device manager, see are there any unknown device, if so, point it to the Fujitsu Drivers DIR and let it scan thur, at the point you should have NO unknown device, Reboot.
– I turned off some more un-needed services, will have to go thur it later.
– I also kill ALL HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun and HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun, system still works good without them.


With powercfg /hibernate off, pagefile turned off, I get a very good size of about 3.xGB consumed.

After all drivers installed, tweak on unneeded services, start-ups, Windows 7 on my U2010 consume about 480MB RAM after boot, not as good as XP (350MB), but WAY better than the default Vista by Fujitsu (which consume 890MB RAM of 1GB when I received the device factory fresh)

With all those tweak, 40secs Post BIOS to Windows Login screen, not that bad, close to my XP setup (35secs), and way better than with vLite Vista HOME setup (6x secs).

Overall performance:
It works good, it works very smooth compare to Vista Home, the new PenTip on Windows 7 works great, overall most app I tried works smooth (didn’t have time to install much yet, Firefox works greats)

As of this is a very early Pre-beta, I do thinks there should be way more time and room for Microsoft to improve Windows 7 before mid-2009, I am quite looking forward from Microsoft this time, (Vista was a HUGE joke……WinME was only a small one)..