Windows7 beta build on Fujitsu U2010

No photo, no truth!

It does run smooth on the U2010, with all drivers installed, quite a little bit vLite (yes, vLite works on the ISO) and some (quite some) unused services turned off, it will consume 490MB RAM after boot (Compare to 350 on XP).

Boot time is about 10 seconds from Power on to BIOS (this is how Fujitsu BIOS is, it is SLOW!!!), another 40 seconds to boot to Windows7 Login screen.

Using all Vista Drivers from Fujitsu, I got all function working (That was a hard job on XP), the overall user experience was GREAT compare to Vista, still it is not as good as XP due to limited RAM on U2010 (1GB) and Theme on Windows7.

Thanks to great user Rafael, A little bit tweak to get the “SuperBar” and “Aero Shake” to work, as it was disabled on the build, it is good to use with U2010, the Aero shake works great with the touch screen.

Thinks Microsoft did spend some time on their work this time, my feeling of this pre-beta Windows 7 is like Windows ME over Windows 2000, well, hopefully it gets better over the time.

Rafael’s Blog Post –
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