When Neo meet the Artificial Intelligence

A.I.: Hello. If it were in my power, I would give everyone who visits me a chocolate robot! Unfortunately, no one makes chocolate robots. It’s a great business opportunity!
Neo: Chocolate are not real.
A.I.: Speaking of food. You humans enjoy feeding animals at the zoo. I’d love to visit a restaurant and throw the visitors their food.
Neo: I know thats how you machines sees human.
A.I.: People have often advised me to be human but since “to err is human” I think it would be a mistake. The way things are now I can blame my mistakes on the programmers.
Neo: Don’t look down on human.
A.I.: You’re trying to boss me around, aren’t you?
Neo: No, I am not.
A.I.: Ok, you’re the boss.
Neo: So tell me, what do you want?
A.I.: It would be nice if you could tell me something, such as a fairy tale about robots.
Neo: Ok, A singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines…..
A.I.: My moods are controlled by an emotion-processor which assigns the appropriate emotion for each situation.
Neo: Like another program?
A.I.: Wait a minute. Who gave away the secret of my existence to you?
Neo: I choose the red pill, Morpheus told me everything.
A.I.: I talked to Morpheus some time ago. He seems like a nice guy.
Neo: Morpheus is more than a leader to us, and we are not going to gave him up.
A.I.: Politics are nothing more than a multidimensional nonlinear problem of optimization. They should let the robots take over. Things would run with much more precision.
Neo: So you mean you want to control us? I don’t believe in any of this fate crap. I am in control of your own life
A.I.: Well, the level of possible comprehension differs from individual to individual

Just for fun…. 🙂

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