Bits and bytes 200808 week 1

1:/ OQO02 is gone, new toy comming up.
2/: iPhone 2.0.1 is JBed, let’s see is the upgrade worth it.
3:/ Friend TN and AH have good news, good on you, happy for you two.
4:/ mate B seems going good, yeah man!
5:/ Time is always againts us, too much toy, too less time…
6:/ Thanks mate CH for the help on new toy.
7:/ R, I heard what you said, disappointed but I accept, there seems to be no choice for me is it? 8:/ mum utp is back HK, how was the trip JP?
9:/ Cousine TYW back UK, take care, see you in Dec!
10:/ Really that much happened? (oh yeah, god created world in 7 days)

Surpise, I am still alive… Not dead, yet.