You shoot, I shoot.

Saw this funny gadgets over the net, this is a camera module for SWAT team, the motion camera can take about 1 hour MPEG4 video and audio. (I think it was designed for good, as evidence on court about the scene, no, not for youtube.)

The design makes me think of a crazy comedy movie call “You shoot, I shoot” by the director Mr. Ho Cheung Pang back in 2002.

The plot of the movie is:
Bart, as an assassin, who was having hard time as economy was getting bad, no one employ him to kill, in the hard time he got a good paid offer with a strange requirement: the process of the assassination needs to be recorded in order for the employer to “enjoy’ the taste of revenge, so then, as an assassin who do not know how to film, he find (force) movie worker Cheun, as the director of his assassination record, it turn out Cheun re-discover his enjoyment of filming, so he joins, then the crazy story continues with this special combo….

If you haven’t seen this movie, get one, it is good! I watched it many times and still loves it.

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