Wild day out 2008 June 17.

It has been a good night, featuring mates CH, TM, Pumber Ja, Pumber Hi, mate Ro and his brother, ShrT and special guest PL.

It has been long we didn’t meet up PL, I felt so happy for you, I honestly do, all the best to you and your family.

CH, long road ahead, keep going man.

TM, you are the man, we are always with you.

Mate Ro, it was fun, you know me, I am always crazy! call me when you need work on you Fujitsu U1010.

Mate SS, too bad you were not here, it was fun.

We had beer, special drink from manager K, drinking games (TM, you are bad at BlackJack man) and darts, after drink snake was fun and great too.

Special thanks to ShrT for booking such a nice place.

Mates are always the best, thanks everyone, it was a great piece of chocolate in my life man.