QRCode used for learning outdoor.

Student learning outdoors. (Photo on Mingpao news by the EDB)

Launched by Education Bureau (EDB) – IT in Education Group (教育局資訊科技教育組), Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department (漁農自然護理署), A mobile learning project called Conducting with trees (樹木全接觸) was launched using mobile devices.

The trial was launched with 340 students from 4 primary schools, age of 9~12 in the Lions nature educations center (獅子會自然教育中心), plants were labeled with QRCode, and students were given mobile phones with data connections, they then exploring the learning center.

Related learning information of different plants were loaded from server by taking photos of the QRCode label, providing a new and fun learning experience for student outdoor.

“Student can find what they are interested, close their eyes, feel and learn about the nature, instead of jotting download information and search on learning info when they get back to schools, they can now read on them real time on-site.”
The officer Mr. Chow from EDB says.

Their next target is to get the same approach to arts and and other museums.

– MingPao news – (Chinese) 手機探索樹木 即拍即瀏覽資料, Discovery trees by mobile, snap and browse information about the nature.
– Lions nature educations center – 獅子會自然教育中心
– Education Bureau (EDB) 教育局
– Education Bureau (EDB) – IT in Education Group 教育局資訊科技教育組