Is this Real? yes it is! a Fake Olympic torch.

Photo from Mingpao news

Remember I made a post about whats next on the “Keeping it real, truly fake series” earlier?

Ok, whats next? Fake Olympic torch/fire? fake Tibet? or fake Lama? (Oh yeah they already have it)..

Oh yes, they did it!

From Mingpao news:
The Intellectual Property Rights Protection Alliance from Hong Kong Customs (海關版權及商標調查科人員) has arrest a 33 years old women, she is accused of selling this Fake Olympic torch on an auction site at a price of HK$700 (appox US$90).

She was arrested when trading with undercover authorities from customs department, and later officials find 4 other Fake torch at her home, 2 was made out of metal, and 3 of them were made out of cotton.

Whats next man?

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