Wii Fit arrived. (Wii Fitness)

The Wii Fit controller overview, first feeling is, it is heavy! (4.5kg full package, which makes the shipment from Japan++ hence the price of parallel import is++++).
Tho it does make sense for this weight, this controller is designed for users to “Step On It”!
The actual feeling is kind of like a “Bathroom Scales”, oh yes, this controller do measure your weights too anyway!

The Wii logo!

Overview from the back.

Power, it is powered by 4 AAA batteries! (Oh yes you bet, it is wireless too!)

See this button in the middle, this is the pair-up button (As shown in the photo, it is now paired, blue lights on).

Ok, enough hardware, we need software!

utp setting up, Wii Fit will ask you about you height, age etc to calculate your BMI etc…

In game selecting screen.

There are mini section with Yoga like lessons player can follow.

Mini game that control by players balances, in this game players are required to control by balances to make the ball fall into the hole.

Alpine skiing mini game, player has to control the red-dot on the right-top side to the blue-dot area by leaning forward to gain speed, and leaning backward to jump.

Football mini game, player needs to lean left or right to hit the ball, and dodge other objects like shoes.

Skiing mini game, much like the Alpine skiing mini game, but not only gaining speed by leaning forward, but also needs to control by leaning left right to go thur the flag pole.

Walking thur a rope mini game, I just love this one!
Player has to balance the control, and doing small left and right steps to move forward.
In the second photo, a trap is coming toward player and player has to lean down then up to “Jump” over it. (before the game play there is actually a warning screen wanning user DO NOT really jump on the controller…hehe)

Aerobic dancing mini game, much tells itself, similar with the game play of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) but I think Wii Fit “feels” better!

There are actually a few more mini games we tried, like a jogging mini game require user to “Jog” at the same place with the wiimote in their pocket to simulate Jogging, and a few funny Yoga like lessons.

Honest, I think I was too old to go back to do gaming, be since the Wii was release I think I must be wrong!

Wikipedia – Wii Fit