Kohjinsha SA1F00WH

Friend R just brought a UMPC Kohjinsha (工人舍) SA1F00WH to office, lets take some photos!

Little specs:
CPU: AMD Geode LX800
RAM: 512MB PC2700 (SODIMM DDR333)
Screen: 7″ LCD with Touch Screen (180 degree rotate/flip-able)
Connection: WiFi (802.11b,g), BT (2.0 +EDR)
Weight: ~990g (included battery)
Power: Standard battery 2600mAh appox 4.5 hours

Holding it by one hand, I suggest about the same weight of AUSU eeePC.

Left side is the navigation stick for pointing, and the brightness setting buttons.

At the right side, scrolled buttons, and the mouse left/right click buttons.

In the middle, a stereo speaker, a little bit to the left is the LED for HDD accessing, Power LED, etc.

Windows XP Home running on it.

Screen rotational action in progress.

180 degree rotated.

And now screen flipped, from the left, CF slot (Type I+IO), VGA port, USB port and the notebook lock port.

Now in tablet mode, like most Tablet PC.

Side of the device flipped, notice from the left, Charging plug, the LAN Port, USB port, Volume button, Power button.

Side by side OQO 02 and the Kohjinsha SA1F00WH.

I have only lay my hands on it for a few moments, didn’t have much time to test it yet, but overall speaking, with the price tag of appox. HK$6,800 (appox US$800) it is a good buy, the finishing of the device is very good, hand feeling is very “firm” compare to the AUSU eeePC, it has a touchscreen and navigating pointer which makes it very good to use in tablet mode, (too bad it does not comes with the TabletPC edition XP, and Vista seems a bit heavy on the AMD 800MHz CPU), the screen looks bright and view angle is acceptable, didn’t have much time to test applications on the device, but boottime and the comments from Friend R is positive.

I shall have more time on the device soon, if you have anything would like to know about this device, just let me know.

Kohjinsha Hong Kong