My wanted software list on a mobile device.

Saw a few “most wanted software” list for a mobile, why not making one?

Mail client that support IMAP IDEAL, HTML mail and unicode, please no more expensive M$ exchange or Blackberry Enterprise server….(why pay when free technology is out there?)

A login/passwords PIM that syncs with desktops, I wonder why no one bundle them with their “Smartphone”? isn’t it so common for us to have way too many passwords to remember?

A “normal” media player, TCPMP is very close, all I want is an open skin/plugins system support media player, at least support XVID/DIVX, MP4, MP3, FLV, WMA/WMV/ASX/ASF, http/RTSP/MMS streamming…

Data syncing in all connections, any computer.
WiFi Activesync has been disabled (now AS only sync with M$Exchange OTA, claims by M$ this change is to enable better security from corporate users…), and users are limited to sync with only 2 sets of PCs, more partnerships will not be allow, I mean, I am the owner, I choose whatever devices I want to sync to! (Miss hotsync for that)

A real, up to standard, normal browser!
Blazer is a joke, Oprea mini is buggy/slow, PocketIE is slow/render pages badly, Opera WM is buggy, Netfront (Access) is not updated…
I don’t care Firefox on mobile, Opera Revolutions, PocketIE X.0 with WebKit/Opera/PIE engine, just give me a browser that support CSS1/2, Standard XMLSocket, JavaScript 1.2+, a “normal” HTML rendering engine, We web programmers will show you the rest!

Mapping network resources as local resources.
FTP/SFTP/NFS/Samba are so common now, why not mounting them as a storage card in the system but pre-downloading data everytime we want/need them?

To be honest, I think the above is not a “Day dreamming” list, all Smartphone OS now a days should have enough power and abilities to do so, some of the features even existed by 3rd party software addon on different platform, but just no one bundled them all in one in a device yet….

What do you think?