OQO Model 02 Extended battery

Just got my extended battery for OQO Model 02, of coz, a photo before opening it up!

Back side of the packing, as the design of the OQO 02, black!

Yeah, opening!!!

Hum…. getting there!!

Yummy 9000MAH Li-ion battery!!!

A more closer look, see the descriptions.

Why is it now made in China? the standard battery is made in Taiwan!!!

A comparison on the top view.

Extended battery is really 200% in size of the Standard battery, but think of the extra juice….hum………….I think is worth it!

Ok, enough photos, lets goes back to the battery….

As I did read the kb from OQO at the knowledgebase, I remember a newly shipped battery from OQO is in something called sleep mode, took me about 60 seconds to understand what it means from New double-capacity battery does not appear to power unit. Got the battery running in no time!

The battery actually came 65% charged when I first kick started it, a funny point here is in the Vista Power Icon, it only first show 1.6 hours left when the standard battery is replaced by the extended battery, and few minutes later, it goes back to appox. 2.6 hours, thinks it is the OS getting new information from the newly plugged in battery.

As I have only got the battery for 3 hours by the time of writing, didn’t have any report yet, if you would like to know more on the battery, drop me a line in the comments and I will try reply them.