Gigabyte U60 UMPC spotted.

While I was walking around shopping mall in MongKok I spotted this device, asking for about HK$8300 (about US$1050), I have seen a few photos of it and I am surprise the size is larger than what I thought…(slightly larger than the OQO Model 02)…

CPU: VIA C7-M @ 1GHz
Memory: DDR2-533, 768MB.
Storage: 30GB 1.8″ HDD.
Screen size: 6.5″ 800×480 Touch Screen.
Camera: 0.3M Pixel.

For the price I think it is not a bad option for UMPC, altho I really prefer Wacom screen and faster CPU, smaller size.. (that is, I prefer my OQO02!! hehe)

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