OQO02 Automatic Screen Rotation software.

Spending a little more time on the OQO02, and while googling around for more other users of this baby I came across a user forum called “OQOTalk” and find this great software.

What it does is it automatically rotate the screen for you as you rotate the device. (Like what the IPhone does)

Instead of the need of a Accelerometer, this software cleverly detects the rotation by the “Drop Protection” sensors in the HDD!

Have a look on the short clip I did to demo the effect! it is a bit slow on the reactions as I set the delay to .5 secs to prevent accident rotational detection.

In the related link below, you can visit the thread and download the require software, source code, just by placing the *.dll to /Windows/System32 and launch the .exe will do the work, not much setting is needed.

OQOTalk – Automatic Screen Rotation demo (look out iPhone!)