All Blacks!!!!

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Ok, This is my mobile gear for now….

From the left top:
OQO model 02, Samsung SGH-i600, Sony VGP-BRM1…

On the road:
I use my OQO02 mainly on the trip to/off work, or I am at a local cafe with WiFi enable, with the HSDPA on the i600, I can easily stays online while on the move, the VGP-BRM1 normally connects to the i600 for MP3 listening (noise filtering?) on public transport…

At home:
OQO02 mainly serve my surfing, emailing, RSS reading and information clipping when I am not in-front of the computer system, and the i600 serve my mobile Video Player streaming XVID movies I recorded by my server…(who has the time to copy those avi back on to the card? not me!), and VGP-BRM1 serves a very good headset too when my eyes and hands are on the OQO, and still chatting on the phone…