Repairing a corrupted WMI service in Windows XP..

During installation of needed software and developing tools on the OQO Model 02, system crashed after a Windows update reboot. (EventLog report unable to load profiles and registry related data after the crash, but another reboot seems cure the problem..)

But after the crash, I was not able to use WIFI, the OQO Manager and OQO Service (which control the extra function of the OQO keyboards, touchscreen etc) crash everytime I reboot.

After a looking around, I found that in the propreties panel of my network devices, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service is shown damaged or corrupted for some reason (nothing report on the EventLog tho), many application and services would not work without the WMI service.

Googling a bit gave me a solution:
First, stop the WMI service in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services.

Then goto the window system32 directory, which in my case:

Look for directory under system32, wbem.

Rename ALL files under wbem directory to something else, example, backups…

Restart the WMI service under Services.

After the restart, everything works back like normal..

Repairing and re-registering the WMI –