Windows Mobile 6 Standard upgrade for Samsung SGH-i600, true or false?

In the search for more information on the i600, I came across a site with a review of i600.

Claims by a website:
Samsung recently announced that existing i600 owners will get a free upgrade to the new Windows Mobile 6. The update will be released on May 26th for testing, after which it will be available for current users to download. The important features in Windows Mobile 6 include Voice Command, Windows Update, Microsoft Office Mobile and Windows Live….

The site didn’t state any info on when/where/how Samsung announced tho.

On the other hand, I have also came across a few discussion group and site claims WM6 STD upgrade will/should only be released by Samsung on the US release i607 (Blackjack) but not the others (i600 for the rest of the world, with different Band and Wifi)…

True? or False?
26 of May, not long to see…

Honest, with the limited OMAP 220MHz CPU on the i600, if the WM6 upgrade speeds up the device, I am more than happy for an upgrade (Many source do consider and thinks WM6 STD sounds very like SP2 of WM5, which bug fixes, and speed up the OS other than a large upgrade with big difference on the OS core.), or if it is the other way round, like all M$ updates that slowwwwwwww the device down (Looking on the WM5 upgraded hx4700 on the desk), hum……

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