Removing Favorite Contacts from Carousel Homescreen on Samsung SGH-i600…

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The Samsung SGH-i600 comes with a very nice looking Homescreen call “Carousel”, it allow user to easily add more function to the homescreen of the i600, example: Window Media Player control, status; Missed Call, SMS, Email notice; Upcomming Appointments and Profile Changing..

One of the function is adding a custom selected Favorite Contact entries shortcut to the homescreen.

It was a nice feature allowing me to dial with a single click, but after I added my entry to the screen, I was not able to find how to remove it from the Carousel homescreen, went thur the user menu and don’t think it was mention either……….

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By some searching around, I find the solution on a user forum, the remove option is listed when you go:

Contacts->Select the target remove entry->Click on Menu->Select “Remove from Favorites”…

Think Samsung should really do better on the user interface, you just can’t expect user to go thur all that many steps to remove a setting…


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