Routing and Remote Access error in WinXP

VPN connection to my XP box at home has been down for almost few months…

After a bit trace in system event log, found out it was related to the “Routing and Remote Access”, the service refuse to start given me error code of -2147483576 (0x80000048) in EventLog > System..

I have completely no idea why is it happening and what I did to make the error, VPN was working, and suddenly stop and I was not able re-enable it…

By Google-ing a little bit time, I finally found the problem….

I found that it was related to “Bluetooth Modems
” under Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options > Modems, a few BT Modems like FAX was added with installation of my BT Dongle drivers..

After removing those un-used BT Modems, RRAS was able to start and now I am able to connect my home system by VPN.