Palm Licenses Palm OS Garnet Source Code

Ok, after selling off its child (the only child, the biological one, not the adopted one from M$), and now they want a piece back!


Palm has license back the Palm OS Garnet source code from ACCESS for 44 millions USD.

Quote from PalmInfocenter:
Under terms of the agreement, ACCESS has granted Palm specific rights to modify the code base of Palm OS Garnet for use in its devices such as the Palm Treo smartphone family and the company’s other handheld computers. The agreement also grants Palm the right to use Palm OS Garnet in whole, or in part, in any product from Palm and together with any other system technologies.

Hum…..what a “great” step Palm! does that mean we then will have YET ANOTHER Treo680.1 with OS5.9.9.999??

PalmInfocenter – Palm Licenses Palm OS Garnet Source Code