Kinoma Player and Producer 4 EX Released

While we was “a little bit” disappointed about Core Player for PalmOS released last week, we now have another excitement!

The professional media player developer, Kinoma, has just released their new media player and producer, version 4 EX, Kinoma Player 4EX featuring:

MPEG-4, 3GPP, RTSP, HTTP, MP3, RSS, OPML, Windows Media (Windows Media 9 video and audio) , AAC, and Flash Video…

Not only promising WMV 9 (which is already known to be no no on CorePlayer 1.02), RSTP streamming…….

Stated in their website:
Sites like Google Video and YouTube serve up some of the most entertaining video available anywhere. Using Kinoma Player 4 EX, you can watch the latest favorites from these sites on your handheld. But be careful, you may spend more time watching than you expected.

Thinks it means FLV (Flash Video) used by YouTube, Google Video and a few other online video Content provider, so finally we can watch them on our Palm without the painly converting!(Don’t think other mobile devices do FLV yet, other than MPlayer/FFMPEG on a Linux Zaurus)!!!!!

Hum…………..wonder would VLS works?? (It would be JUST GREAT if it does!)

Too bad there doesn’t seems to be a trial, I will see should I really get it, as there is actually no comments yet on the product.

Too much talking, heads up to Kinoma!!!

Kinoma – Kinoma Player 4 EX.
Kinoma – Kinoma Producer 4 EX.
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