FireFox 2.0 Released!

Tipped by email of a friend, FireFox 2.0 has just been released, wonder why wasn’t the official site updated yet, but you can go to download it!

Reports from users that some extension (now call addons) does not works in FF 2.0, but most of them are just same old problem of version number checking, which can be override by another addon call “Nightly Tester Tools”.

Hum, IE7 follow by FF2, seem like we will have quite some beta testing to do again….

Reminds me off the days with IE3.0 vs Netscape 3.0 (I personally don’t count IE 2.0 vs Netscape 2.0 a “compare”)….


FireFox Official site
Nightly Tester Tools
Microsoft Official Internet Explorer 7 page