Possibly yet another new PalmOS Smartphone? PiTech W300??

I was browsing thur the website of Astraware, and found this interesting….

At Phones: Astraware

Hum………….PiTech W300??

Was this a mistake? or hint for yet another new PalmOS smartphone?

Looking at Phone:Astraware page, mention the Qool QDA 700 was listed, so I suggest the PiTech W300 is not another rebrand version of it. also even Samsung i539 (Only released in Mainland China on CDMA network) which most of the developers forgot, I think they didn’t list W300 by mistake..

I was trying to Google a bit of information on “PiTech W300”, all results I can get was the description of device support on Astraware products, so I would suggest it was flowing around for quite a while already..
Search result of PiTech W300 in Google

I went to PiTech’s website, other than the rumors 3MP i10 smartphone (I bet they are still looking hard for investor to manufacture this baby! not related to this story tho…hehe), I did not see any info on a W300 either…

What do you think?