The relationship between paid and work.

I personally love to code at late night, and when I felt hungry or would like a cup of lemon tea I would normally visit a noodle shop near by…

Not againist anyone or any group, I have face this for a while….

3:00 am, a noodle shop with 5 customers…with 5 waitress at an age about 40~50s….

Client: Can you please give me a cup of iced lemon tea with more ice?

Server: What? (Still “chit chat”-ing with other waitress, answering with a tone of me stopping her to continue her connection between other servers.)

Client: Can I please have a cup of iced lemon tea with more ice? (Ping repeat.)

Server: …… (Continue chit chat with other servers with no reply)

Client: Excuse me.. I would like to make an order……(Ping No.3)

Server: I have heard you!!! (Loudly..angrily…)

10 minutes later…..

Server bring up an iced coffee, with almost no ice in it…..

Client: Excuse me…I ordered an iced lemon tea, with more ice….this is a cup of coffee…is that orders from other table?

Server: Oh…..Isn’t is the same? Still a drink…..(Finally stop chit chat with other servers, as critical error has occurs….)

Client: ………

Commuication ends…

This doesn’t just happens once, but almost EVERYTIME I came this noodle shop (The only one open over night around..)

Honestly, I know these waiter/waitress get very low pay, a little bit more than a McJob.

It popup to my mind, is it because of low salaery, so low working performance were given due what was paid?

I always challenge, instead of employing X workers with X at Low Pay, why not X-n workers with X-n of a fair pay?

Not pointing fingers, I found these 40+ ladies who work in this kind of small resturant tends to chit chat all the time, making jokes loudly, making their work place like local community centre (I would suggest next is a table of Mahjong game), no wonder many employers bare in mind to keep away from them….
(Sorry for those 40+ ladies who work hard and does not match the statment above…)

What do you think?