PalmPDF update to 1.4

The great freeware PDF reader for PalmOS, PalmPDF has update to version 1.4!

Just in case you don’t know, PalmPDF is a port of Xpdf on PalmOS.


– Native PDF on almost every Palm OS 5 device
– File Browser to pick up your PDF file from anywhere on your card
– Handles received PDF files from EMail, Bluetooth or WWW
– Very small on-device memory footprint by moving the renderer to the card
– “Find” support in your PDF files
– Scratchpad and personal bookmarks
– Support for links inside the PDF
– Support for custom skins
– Presentation mode for PDA based overhead presentations
– On-device conversion of your PDF files to plain text
– Easy to use, fast and free!!!
– Compatible with RescoExplorer, ZLauncher and MobiSystems OfficeSuite
– network printing, page save, page
– send as Jpeg
– reflow mode (text-only reformatted text display) for better viewability on small screens

The new version 1.4 comes with lots of updates:

1.4 (09/30/06 “Hilbert’s first month”)
– bugfix: on Zodiac, page up/down also with right buttons
– bugfix: volume labels were broken on very first start
– bugfix: right/left on older Palm devices was broken
– bugfix: JogDial on Clie was broken
– bugifx: SCBK_ files weren’t removed from internal memory
– added: skin files can now be on the external/internal card, folder /PALM/Programs/PalmPDF/
– added: PalmPDF can now send the current page as Jpeg
– added: PalmPDF can now print the current page on a PCL or PS network printer using the same
settings and the same protocol as the great PrintIt from Alex Pruss, see
– added: ReFlow-mode, text is extracted and displayed page-wise
– added: zoom-select, mark and zoom into the selected rectangle
– added: when pressing the middle 5-way button (debug) you can also scroll to the next page with up/down
– added: “Clear” to scratchpad
– added: some small feedbacks

On their website I saw Skin maker for PalmPDF, sounds fun……a utp Skin seems a good idea..

Heads off PalmPDF Offical website.