Trackbacks, to be or not to be?

As you may already see, I am back for some programming on the weblog.

Comment system has been developed, I try my best to keep it simple so I gave authentication like radom picture code a pass, anyway I would like to audit whats in the comment before it is publish anyway, please feel free to do give it a try.

Back to Trackbacks, I think it is such a great idea of letting Bloggers to actually “tell” the original poster about their link or referral, but it also come up to my attention:

“Some individuals or companies have abused the TrackBack feature to insert spam links on some blogs (see sping). This is similar to comment spam but avoids some of the safeguards designed to stop the latter practice. As a result, TrackBack spam filters similar to those implemented against comment spam now exist in many weblog publishing systems. Many blogs have stopped using trackbacks because dealing with spam became too burdensome.”
Quote from WiKi of Trackbacks

I think technically Trackbacks isn’t very hard to develope for Theo’s weblog, but with the above issue I am quite concern about it…

To be? Or not to be?