Xircom Modem 56 GlobalACCESS Springboard Module for Visor

Speed: 56 Kbps
Fax capability: 56 Kbps
Cellular phone connection: Yes, by using optional GSM connection kit. (port on the left)


This Springboard module was released at the time of 56k dialup age for Internet, at the time, most of the user was still using the telephone line for their Internet connection. (Instead of some area like HK, Japan which at the time Width Band Internet like ADSL/Cable was already the main stream of the Internet user at the time)

With this Module user will be able to connect to the Interent by a normal telephone line, with the design of Springboard, user don’t even have to install drivers or extra software as they are already stored in the Springboard (Modem Settings, Email Client and Browser).

One thing to be mention is the battery of this Springboard, It uses 3xAAA battery, which I found that the housing of the battery is actually same battery as the old Motorola StarTacX, wonder can StarTac battery be used? (Same battery housing to the Visor Phone, I must check it someday when I get a chance, as one of the battery of my Visor Phone has already went to the land of forbidden..)

Remember at the time of Visors in 2000, most of the devices are still with OS3.5 which I already uses it with IR to connect to the Internet var Dial up modem on a Nokia 8210 (9.6k connection speed) for ICQ and basic EMail checking…

Think of the luxury GPRS/EVDO/WiFi we enjoy today?? 6 years gone fast, technology goes FASTER!

Offical Xircom Website (Now Sub-Intel website as Xircom is now a part of Intel)

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