Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard (Dell Label OEM)

– 18mm key spacing (horizontally and vertically)
– 3mm key travel – same as the best notebook computers
– English QWERTY layout (4 rows of keys)
– Powered by 2 AAA batteries
– Closed 5.5”H x 3.9”W x .5”D (139mm x 99mm x 13mm)
– Open: 9.9” x 5.8” x .5” (251mm x 148mm x 13mm)
– Weight: 5.6 oz. (160 grams)


There are a couple of different Bluetooth Keyboard on the market, and the one we have here is a Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard rebranded by Dell, which was sold with Dell Amix x50 PPC.

The build quality of the keyboard is very good, it was built with a metal case, compare to other BT Keyboard I have try that was build with cheap plastic, this keyboard closed and open very firmly.

The hand feeling when typing on the keyboard is very good, unlike other protable keyboard which gives very bad feedback feeling.

Different from the design like other BT Keyboard, the mount for the mobile device can be remove on the Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, which is a very good idea for me as I may or may not need the mount (like using with a PC/Mac).

The keyboard is powered by 2XAAA battery, claims by Thinkout website, it can last up to 200 days of usage with 4 hours daily. (I didn’t have a chance to test this yet as the device is only on my hand for about 1 week.)

Bluetooth devices are great, as nowadays it spread on different kind of devices and OSes, so drivers issue was one of the thing I am being very caution to, as I have seen BT Keyboard being sold comes with a Shareware drivers require user to regist….

In the case, ThinkOutside really meet my requirement, here is a list of supportted OS with drivers listed on Thinkoutside website.
ThinkOutside – Compatible Chart
I think there is almost every device I can think of right now…

And the installation and settings goes very smooth on PalmOS and WindowsXP (I have only try these 2 platform).

On Treo650, turn on the BT, pair up the devives (press Ctrl, Left Fn, Right Fn keys on the keyboard until the green light flashes, which means ready to pair with discovery on.), click enable/connect in the keyboard drivers then you are done!

Pair up process is simular to the previous process, No driver is even needed on WindwosXP Tablet PC Edition with HID support.

Although the listed selling price for the Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is slightly higher than other BT Keyboard on the market (US$149 to US$100 to US$50 Cheapest I have seen), but IMHO, if you ever have the need of a BT Keyboard, I strongly recommand you to select it! I think the quality, service, support is worth the price!

ThinkOutside – Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard
ThinkOutside – Comparison to other BT Keyboards.
ThinkOutside – Drivers and Support

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