i-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard

I just love keyboards!

Yet another toy!

The version I got on hand is the Serial version, which works with O2 XDAs, some iPAQs, PalmOS5 devices with Serial portand Windows XP.(Bluetooth version exist)

To be honest, the Virtual Laser Keyboard is far from usable, unstable drivers, very bad hand feeling, have to work in very flat and non-reflection area, extremely overpriced! (US$149)…..etc etc etc (chomp 3000 words of CONS)

But I think it is such a cool device to have as a gadget collection, really something looks like out of the movie by an Agent!!

Anyway, if you are still interested for one, head off http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/ to have a look! (My suggestion is: Good to have a look! look is enough!)