SDIO devices on PalmOS

I was cleanning up my collection of PalmOS gadgets last week, found that I actually have a few SDIO devices for PalmOS.

1/. Palm SD Bluetooth Card.
2/. Veo SD Camera.
3/. Spectec SD PDA Camera.
4/. PalmOne SD WiFi Card.

Looking back, I remember great demand from users for a Drivers for Palm SD Bluetooth Card on Treo600.

The Palm SD Bluetooth Card was released at the time of OS4, at about the time of m505 series, drivers was only released for OS4 devices supporting Serial profile, OBEX (No Audio Headset profile), OS5 support drivers was never released.

Until the age of Treo650, users also went back the same route of demanding drivers for PalmOne SD WiFi Card.

The Drivers of PalmOne SD WiFi Card only support Tapwave Zodiac, Zire 72, T3, T5, TE2 and even Treo700w, but no support for Treo650.

A hacked drivers by Cool Hackers exist claiming to work on Treo650 with lots of work-arounds, but I never was able to get it working on a Treo650…

Actually there are more SDIO devices like RFID reader, Laser Barcode scanner, GPS, better/cheaper WIFI Card, FM Radio Card, but most of them does not work in Palm as there are no drivers, I asked a few company who design them why don’t they support PalmOS, the reply was SDIO drivers are hard to develope on PalmOS…..

Although I personally do not have many knowledge to hardwares, but I think is such a great lost to Palm users that we can’t enjoy much of the extentability of SDIO devices on our Palms..where it was there since the year of 2000 with a m500….