Interviewed by a local magazine.

Introduced by friends, I was interviewed by a local magazine about GPRS/UTMS/WIFI mobile devices user in HK.

The interview was fun, we spend a few hours in Minnaya cafe, many new devices to try out, like Nokia80, new SE UIQ 3G smartphone, a few never seen devices, nice coffee as usual…

And the the Web browser which went open-sourced a little while ago by Nokia was GREAT!
Wonder is anyone working on it to port it to other platform like PalmOS? (I know LOTS of porting is needed, just dreammig…)

One of the question I was asked in the interview was:
“What kind of network service/applications I am doing on my mobile devices usually?”

Hum good question….Ok, here we go!

GPRS, or BT by Wifi of the Tablet with VPN to my PPTP server at home.
– EMail with IMAP server at home using VersaMail, by UW-IMAP Server, I fetch all 10 email accounts from POP to GMail into 1 account for a centralized EMail solution between my desktop, tablet and Palms.
– RSS reading by Quicknews.
– Web Browsing with WebPro, of coz lots of KOSYing on the PUMB ME.
– File processing, I do ftp photos I took with my Contax i4r to my site and post them, also CIFS files down/uploading to my desktop by WiFile or SMBMate.
– IRC, by upIRC.
– SSH, terminal is use to remote my servers by pssh.
– VNC, PalmVNC did the job, altho it run a bit slow over GPRS…

When I am on the road, Treo650 with GPRS is the only way of getting connected, when I am at a nice and open area, I might use my Tablet with WIFI and sync my needed data with BT connection.
Or if there is no WIFI, Tablet goes online with DUN by Treo650. (Slow……tho)

Lets see how the print come out next week!