SmilesDA PUMB-Edition 1.0

SmileDA is a DA for user to input smiles Icon in forum on fly!

This release is actually called PUMB Edition, as it was developed for the use of Smiles Icon in, a forum base in Hong Kong about PDA Users and Interest.
Code has been developed with ease of changing it to support other needs, if you thinks you find a place you would like to use with SmilesDA, please feel free to contact me and I can do some changes to make some custom changes.

You will need any DA Launcher to run this DA, example App/DA Launcher, hi-Launcher or McPhling.

SmilesDA – PUMB Edition is a donate-ware for personal use.
you are free to send it to anyone you like!
If you like the software, would be nice if you can donate a little amount of money to me at my PayPal account theo(AT)rinnovative(DOT)com to show some support.

Download SmileDA – PUMB Edition here:
SmilesDA 1.0 – PUMB Edition(zip)