Palm Power To Go

Palm Power To Go

Size and weight: 2.4″ x 4.8″ x 0.4″.
Power: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (belive to be 1500mah, T.B.C.)

Charge status LED
Universial Connector


I remember I was first introduced with this great product in 2002 with the TC Show off in Sydney Australia.

This add-on battery gives huge more power to Palms on the road, with 1~2 extra time of battery life!

Compare with that ugly “black urine bag” from Sony, the Power To Go gives more extras:

it is so welly designed not only allow user to charge their Power To Go on a normal cradle like they normally do, and it leaves flexibility for user to use the Universial Connector can still be used when charging, for example, keyboard, etc.

And there is a Charge status LED where user can tell is the device charging, or charged.
When the LED is Red, that means the Power To Go is almost empty and should head for recharge, in case of yellow, said by Palm it should be 20~80% full, and green more than 80%.

See how well it fits with a m505!

m505 charging in action.

I was once with a TC on a flight from Auckland to HK, which the Power To Go was able to give me full power with ebook, games, PIMs, etcs on the whole flight, from my home in Auckland to my house in HK (of coz, Wifi off, I was on board…)

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